What if we do live in a simulation – and it was created by an Apprentice? 


It’s been a minute since my last post, but is time the same anymore? Am I the only one who feels like the past two years have progressed both faster and slower than every year before?  

My first novel is about to launch. I’ve got mixed feelings about it. Will readers understand it? Do I even understand it? Let me back up and give you the origin story so you know why...  

It all started one morning when I was in the shower, thinking about the next chapter in a different book I was writing, when it happened.  

I heard this voice. A bit smug, definitely mischievous. It said, “What if we do live in a simulation?”

Yawn. We’ve all heard Elon Musk going on about it, among others. Who cares, I thought. I’m focused on finishing my current draft. (oh look, a quick google search says Scientific American confirmed it...ha!)

Then the voice followedup with a zinger. “And it was created by an apprentice.” 

I laughed, suds running down my face. I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation (or give anyone evidence to have me committed). Let’s just say I agreed that I would switch gears and make this my first book, based on that ridiculous statement. The ideas flowed from there and I scrambled to put them in some kind of order.    

What you’ll read on 2-2-22, if you pick up the book, is what came out. Thought I'd give you a quick teaser on what to expect. First is an early review from a friend who’s written some interesting stories himself. 

“I have never met someone in my life who does not like music. But what if music is used as a tool to make you tell the truth? What if music opens your eyes to the reality around you? Then you suddenly realise that what you believed to be true is not. How can you live life after such a revelation?  

What if music becomes a weapon to control humanity, would you listen to it again?  

The Sound of Creation is a mind-bending book filled with big questions about our existence. It takes you on a journey disrupted by action scenes and strange characters. You will find yourself floating on dimensions you did not know even existed. This book is a mind game. You have been warned.”  

~George Papa, author of The Manual and The Architect’s typist for The Code 


And here is the first page…

Chapter 1  

Los Angeles – present day  

It was the scratching that woke her.  

The noise reached Ava Lawson’s ears not too long after she laid down on her office futon to catch a few hours of sleep. She had two weeks to prove to her investors that her trading system produced alpha or she and her team were finished.  

Alpha, known as the truth to some investment managers, career life or death to others, in reality measures an investment return against a market return like the Dow Jones. It was as elusive to Ava as it is to most return wranglers.  

Until the music began toplay.  

The other sounds: a conch shell, leaves rustling, a wolf maybe, entered and exited her subconscious without ringing any alerts.  

The scratching though. She would know it anywhere. A sound from her childhood when her father came to visit.  

She sat up. There was more to the sounds than what she could hear. The only way to describe it was a presence, some life force, was in the room with her. Across the long office, past the small conference table, all the way to the wall behind her white desk; she was alone...


From shower intrigue to published novel, I hope you enjoy it! 

If you're on St. Croix, come out for a book launch party at Nauti Bar on 2-2-22. It's open mic night and we're mixing it up with a quick reading and a bit of fire dancing! RSVP here

If you're in the big little city of Dallas, Life in Deep Ellum is hosting a reading on 2-8-22. I'll post details soon! You can grab coffee at Mokah and keep your distance in their beautiful gallery.