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    I'm a (p)retired venture capitalist who founded one of the world’s first tech accelerators where I was fortunate to mentor and fund hundreds of founders whose ideas previously only existed as science fiction. Fast Company named me one of its Most Creative People, among other accolades from my business career. I'm currently pursuing a Master's in Creative Writing at Harvard University Extension while living on St. Croix with my husband and silly Great Dane. When I'm not writing, you can find me dancing with fire.

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    While nursing my odd dream of writing novels (I have an MBA for crying out loud), I raised seven early stage tech funds and built the first startup accelerator in the south. I named it Tech Wildcatters. It is Dallas after all. Since investing in over 120 startups, spinning out another accelerator, and managing over 100 investors, not much scares me anymore. I'm down to making a handful of new startup investments per year as an angel investor.


    Reach out if you're raising capital for a balanced founding team (show me the women and men) and/or building tech in the clean energy space.

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