A wee bit o' news

Have I got some news; big news for me anyway!! My first novel, The Sound of Creation, will be published next year!

A few months ago, I was able to pitch to a handful of agents and luckily got a few requests to read the full manuscript. If you know anything about publishing, getting a full request is both a great sign that your pitch is interesting, and an important next step in signing an agent, who will then start the submission process all over again with publishers.

There happened to be an editor from a publishing house listening to pitches who had a slot open up, so I decided to give it a try. Imagine my surprise when she asked for the full manuscript. Cool, but what were the chances this as yet unagented author would keep her attention?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when the editor emailed back and said she loved my novel. I about died! It turns out editors can find books they like on their own. She needed some info to send to committee review and said we should know in a couple of weeks whether the publisher wanted to acquire the title.

A contract landed in my inbox last week and after some deliberation, I signed it last night. Then I got a grand total of three hours of sleep.

My anxiety disappeared this morning after I started the author onboarding process. I had asked around about the small press (any traditional publisher that is not an imprint of one of the Big 4 is considered small press, as far as I can tell). Their authors seem to love them, and now I can understand why. They immediately put me into three email groups, all very active. And I have homework to do in regards to cover and marketing copy input. That's in addition to the edits I'll be getting soon.

As for my editor, I’m excited to work with her because I feel like she connected with the story I wrote and will help me polish it for all of your discerning eyes.

To all of you who helped me with my craft, or beta read the novel in an earlier draft, or simply listened to my ramblings, thank you! I can’t wait to mention you in the book acknowledgements.

More info to come…