You Have to Have a Platform They Said

In my old world we call it personal brand. Social media accounts, websites, press, speaking engagements...all play a role in getting people to give a damn about whatever you build. However, to get people to give a damn about your writing, it turns out you need to say (write) things that people want to read.

Jane Friedman knows a thing or two about building a platform. I've found more links to her site than just about any other that claims to know a thing or two about getting published. She believes "platform building requires consistent, ongoing effort over the course of a career. It also means making incremental improvements in extending your network. It’s about making waves that attract other people to you—not about begging others to pay attention."

So, here I am with no fiction author credits to my name. It turns out that a lot of the people I've worked with, invested in, taken investment from, or shared a beer with at a tech conference happen to like science fiction. I know...

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We'll see if the world of fiction publishers thinks this crossover is useful. In the meantime, I'm more interested in writing awesome stories that make my favorite people think. Stories that inspire them and spark new ideas. Stories that challenge them to not just build amazing technology, but to consider the implications as well.


Now about that beer...